Look for Twin Deceptions to be re-released early December 2018.  Death Wore White’s re-release will follow early 2019.

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In the blink of an eye, Kayla Bradford’s best friend is murdered, and she immediately becomes a witness and a target. When the police fail to protect her, she mmoves towns and finds herself in the middle of a drive-by shooting. During all the chaos a woman appears—a woman who, for all intents and purposes, could be Kayla’s twin. She flees the scene before Kayla can question her.

Two years ago an unidentified killer claimed the life of Sheriff Jake Eisner’s wife and unborn child. His investigation into Kayla’s case leads him to the startling discovery of clues to his own wife’s murder. But Kayla is refusing to cooperate, and Jake is convinced she knows more than she’s willing to reveal. Maybe if he can convince her to trust him, he can put his past to rest. ~~

Mystery and romance fans will be delighted at the thrilling suspense and compelling love story. Fronheiser’s flair for drama will leave readers glued to the pages.                                                            –Suzie Housley, Romantic Times, March 2005


Death Wore White

Dr. Shelby Fields didn’t believe her best friend when she tried to persuade her that a mutual friend would not, under any circumstance, commit suicide. She tried to convince Shelby that their friend was murdered, but Shelby was more than skeptical.

Now Shelby’s best friend is dead, too.

As an ER physician at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Shelby’s life is plummeting into a nightmare dimension as a killer murders her close friends and co-workers one by one.  She is hell-bent on solving the puzzles she receives in the mail and bringing her friend’s murderer to justice. What she doesn’t realize is she’s the missing puzzle piece and the killer has plans of his own for her.

Consumed with his Dr. Shelby, as he likes to call her, the killer systematically entwines himself within all aspects of her life. He begins permanently removing all obstacles standing in the way of making her completely his.  A fanatic of words, rhymes and puzzles, he kills his victims in unusual methods and makes them appear to be anything but murder.

Torn between a new relationship with a Forensic Pathologist at the Cherry Cove Crime Lab and an old love, Shelby doesn’t know who to trust as each new death weaves within her life and gives her the sense that impending danger is all around. ~~

Michelle Fronheiser has published over two-dozen short stories in National Magazines and two e-books, Death Wore White and Twin Deceptions.  In 2003, she took a break from writing to obtain her MBA in Healthcare Management.  While she quickly climbed the Department of Veterans Affairs’ career ladder in Research Oversight, she made time to obtain an MFA in her passion, Creative Writing.  Retiring August 1, 2017, Michelle is looking forward to restarting her writing career.  She is currently preparing Twin Deceptions and Death Wore White, both in the thriller/suspense genre, for re-release. 

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